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Former Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado interviews Downtown News’ Raul Guerrero for HOY, MEGAT TV.

Downtown News polled a number of downtown residents about the Word of the Year for the neighborhood. One of the winning words: Homelessness. The interview below revolves around homelessness. In Spanish.

Former Mayor Tomas Regalado and Raul Guerrero, MEGA TV. Spanish.


Politicians are quick to declare it’s a thing of the past, and wield the ordinances that commissioners keep passing, but a walk down NE 2nd Avenue, up Flagler Street, or around Miami Avenue, the stench of public urination and human feces refutes politicians loud and clear. Also, the latent sense of risk, as many of the homeless men and women roaming the streets have mental health issues.

Ex alcalde de Miami Tomas Regalado entrevista a Raul Guerrero sobre problemas que Downtown confronta, en particular los desamparados.

Our Streets

Three young ladies attacked right at the corner of Biscayne Boulevard and NE 2nd Street.

Tuesday November 30, 9 pm. A man who appeared to be homeless attacked a young lady without provocation with what looked like a police baton, according to a witness, a resident of the Vizcayne Condominiums. “The girl ran away, but the man proceeded to attack two other young ladies passing by.”

Police arrived at the scene of the crime in no time and the culprit was arrested. Photo, Downtown News.

Reflecting on a recent editorial by the Miami Herald about the rights of the downtown homeless population, it might help reminding the Editorial Board that Downtown residents do have rights, too, and one is safety. Residents have the right to walk Downtown streets without risking their lives.

Downtown News Staff.

Cultural Compass

Visual Tour by Aurea Veras.

Opening nights attract collectors, artists, art aficionados and extravagant hangers-on. Journalists go hunting for the headline or soundbite (a Bansky piece sold for 4 million, and young techies are after NFT -non-fungible token.)

But art fairs are also about color, emotions, capturing defining moments of our humanity. Please take this brief tour (the captions do not reflect the names of the pieces but what they inspired our captioner.)


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